Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The reality in life's ring

By Jared Trexler
The Phanatic Magazine
Prayer doesn't always make it better. Erase the visceral image of a father's psychopathy. Turn back the clock on a seven-year-old's life taken in some sort of twisted game of wrestling.
This isn't staged. There is no bell. Only tears of a finality drawing more questions than answers.
Everyone who spoke of Chris Benoit -- fans who met him, neighbors who lived near him, wrestlers who worked with him -- used the words "family" and "caring" to describe their fallen friend. Today, those words can't be further from the truth.
Benoit's legacy now slides closer to O.J. Simpson than Owen Hart. The only difference being Simpson's love for his children. The Juice is most certainly a murderer, but one would think he'd never harm his own flesh and blood.

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