Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From Keith the Thief to Paul the Purloiner?

By Bob Herpen
The Phanatic Magazine

The Flyers made their most surprising, and most savvy move in forever, and the NHL draft was four days away.

Last Monday, the team acquired the rights to forward Scott Hartnell and defenseman Kimmo Timmonen from Nashville. The price -- the 23rd overall pick originally acquired in the Peter Forsberg trade.

That's right. A two-for-none. An absolute steal. You just don't see moves like this anymore.

This is the unspoken manner in which championship teams are made, and it's unfortunate that teams facing immediate salary issues or are victims of bad management have to be the ones raided for talent.

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Anonymous said...

a semi-positive Herpen? what's next?

nice work, once again

FlyersJoe said...

How about Pitkanen? Pitkanen was an early round gamble and they lost that bet. His temperament would leave me gun-shy on early round Euro-picks too. Even in the new NHL, smaller players are still a gamble, even if they have a higher upside. Bigger players with very good skating ability are still a better bet. Flyers take too much of a knock for going after bigger players. They absolutely need more speed and I think they have started to address that and hopefully continue to maintain balance. We saw how size and grit are necessary in the Playoffs...just ask Buffalo and Ottawa. If the Flyers make the playoffs next season, I want Hatcher with them.


Anonymous said...

Please make this guy NHL editor immediately. Herpen knows hockey.