Sunday, June 24, 2007

Live CFFC 5 coverage Mercer-Kimbo

Atlantic City, NJ (Phanatic Magazine) - Mixed martial arts got its start in this country because people wanted to see what fighting discipline worked best in real combat – be it boxing, wrestling, ju-jitsui, muy-thai or something else.

Early on the Gracie family dominated MMA and captured the public’s imagination with their submission knowledge. The average looking Royce Gracie wowed audiences by making much larger and scarier looking men quit with technique.

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Anonymous said...

anyone got a video of this???

Anonymous said...

Why do freak shows like this get covered but the true art in mixed martial arts does not? There are many fights going on as this sport is exploding, but what Cage Fury is putting on with "Kimbo Slice" is very disturbing and sets the sport back. I hope your publication will spot ight some of the many other local shows that don't resort to featuring freak shows.

Anonymous said...

They get covered because people want to see fights... mma is about fighting, period. who are you to say he is a freak show? kimbo is a brawler, and everyone wants to see how he will do against real competition, and his first fight was very impressive. You have no room to call any fighter a freak show. And if he was a freak show, im pretty sure mma greats like randy couture and bas rutten wouldnt be training him.