Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb used his very own public relations arm at ESPN (Michael Smith) to leak the fact he got his long-awaited meeting with team officials last week.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports had already reported that McNabb wanted a “financial apology” for getting benched at halftime in Baltimore.

Now, Smith says McNabb didn’t ask for a contract extension. Instead, the enigmatic one wants to wait until he sees what Andy Reid and Company do during free agency and the draft.

Translation -- McNabb wants some playmakers (Anquan Boldin, Tony Gonzalez) or he will asked to be traded.

The report makes little sense, however. Either Smith didn't do his homework or McNabb is just dangerously obtuse to how the NFL works.

McNabb has no leverage. He is under contract for two more years and by the time free agency and the draft are done, virtually every NFL team that has a quarterback issue will have taken steps to address it.

For instance, Minnesota, a place many think would be a perfect fit for DMac, has already reportedly agreed to a trade with Houston for Sage Rosenfels.