Friday, July 10, 2009

No surprise; you didn't want Eddie Jordan

In a survey worthy of Scientific America, The Phanatic Magazine readers have emphatically told Ed Stefanski, Eddie Jordan would not have been their first choice as Sixers coach...

Former Dallas head coach and Spurs point guard Avery Johnson was the run away winner among the names leaked by the Sixers for the gig. Johnson finished with 29 percent of the vote but his price range was way out of Peter Puck, I mean ...Ed Snider's range.

Former Sixers All-Star Doug Collins tied with ex-Houston coach Jeff Van Gundy with 17 percent apiece. Villanova mentor Jay Wright was next at 11 percent while former Wolves head man Dwane Casey was next at seven percent. Jordan also came in at seven percent but was one vote shy of Casey.

The only good news for Jordan? He finished ahead of Kurt Rambis and ex-Sixers interim coach Chris Ford.

Stefanski better hope Philly basketball fans don't know what they are talking about.

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