Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eagles training camp recap - July 29

To honor Jim Johnson, the grounds crew painted a black circle with the initials "JJ" in a corner of the practice fields.

The Jim Johnson Melanoma Research Fund was also set up to help defeat the disease that claimed the life of the beloved defensive coordinator. Below is the donation information…

Jim Johnson Melanoma Research Fund
c/o Tricia Bruning
Abramson Cancer Center
3535 Market Street
Suite 750
Philadelphia, PA 19104\abramson

The big play of the day happened in a tip drill when safety Byron Parker tipped a pass that was intercepted by cornerback Macho Harris in a seven-on-seven drill. Harris then juked his way through the remaining offensive players.

Harris later explained his nickname:

“When I was two years old my dad said I was very challenging,” said Harris. “I was running around the house with my bike and stuff being a challenging boy and he wanted to give me a challenging name, a tough name, a masculine name like Macho. It’s stuck with me ever since.”

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