Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where For Art Thou, Iggy?

By Jeff Glauser
The Phanatic Magazine

Games 1 and 3, it somehow didn't matter.

Game 2 was such a thrashing in every which way, so it was irrelevant.

This time, it became unavoidable.

The cold, hard reality is this: Andre Iguadala is the reason the Sixers lost this game - and the reason why they may lose this series.

Granted, there were plenty of things that did not go - and have not gone Philly's way: giving up way too many second chance opportunities to the Pistons, the maddening collective ineptitude at the free throw line, the inability to defend and shoot the three (ironically, salary dump Kyle Korver would look quite nice about now) and f'ing Tayshaun Prince (and guess who guarded him?).

But, when it all comes down to what matters, go-to guys are supposed to go, and Andre has been stuck at a red light for far too long.

Whether it’s poor shot selections, ill-advised passes or a chronic case of butterfingers, it’s clear that No. 9 is not ready for prime time. What started as a simple, understandable slump has become an avert-your-eyes-and-cringe kind of train wreck.

He came into these playoffs with more promise than any other member of the squad. He took two steps forward this season and on more than several occasions, carried his teammates on his sturdy, high-flying back.

Sadly, those two steps forward have transformed into a giant leap backward here.

One can hope, especially now that Billy King – who used to toss lavish contract extensions around like Michael Jackson throws sleepovers – is no longer around, that Iguadala has at least saved the Sixers several million bucks over this past week to spend elsewhere.

Numbers don’t lie:

A nauseating 11 for 49 from the field. To put things into perspective, he went 4 for 16 tonight and actually raised his shooting percentage!

Over four turnovers per game.

A not-so-clutch 4 for 9 from the foul line at home tonight.

Needless to say, none of this screams “max contract.” Even to you, Billy.

Stars turn it up a notch when the stakes are raised. Contrary to my hopes and expectations, Andre Iguadala is not yet a star.

And that fact alone may have cost the Sixers a landmark upset.

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Anonymous said...


Nice column and I agree with you 100% Andre Igudala is NOT a star, but he is one the best players we have.