Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sixers - Pistons Game 5 reaction

Flip Saunders

"We did what we were supposed to do tonight. We won at home. Now we need to get some rest tonight and be ready to go again on Thursday. Whe we got the ball to our people tonight, we shot the ball well and played good offensive basketball. When we turned the ball over, that is when we struggle. We got back to playing a little bit grittier defensively and offensively we started moving the ball. When we start getting up there in those mid-twenties and high-twenties assist-wise that is when we are playing well. I think that going into Thursday our guys know what the recipe for success is and that is not a mystery and we should go out and play that way."

"Outside the one game that he didn't play very well in Philadelphia he has had a great series. He has made some big blocks, has protected the middle, made adjustments and offensively they've worked hard the last few days to move the ball."

"Tonight he (CB) had a little but more pop in his step and a little more lift on his shot as well as rotation on the ball. He felt better about himself shooting the ball tonight. He had a couple of turnovers but he did a nice job of running the offense."

Chauncey Billips

"I think so (most complete game). It was a great game for us. We picked up on the momentum that we had in the second half of the last game, of Game 4. We came home, we knew we were going to be in our home building and we knew it was going to be loud and we just took care of business from the jump ball."

1Q "You never know when you're going to shoot that well. But for us, in this series it's all about energy. I thought on both ends we were very energetic. Defensively we were in the right places at the right time. Offensively we ran a couple things that we hadn't run yet in this series and they really didn't have answers for it. Guys started hitting shots -- I hit some shots, Sheed hit shots, guys were just knocking them down."

"Pretty much (imposing will). We knew coming in this game 5, it was tied 2-up. Obviously the biggest game of the series. We knew Game 6 was going to be an elimination game either way it went. We wanted to be on the upper hand of that."

"It felt good. I got some great looks, good opportunities and I continued to be aggressive. Whether my shot is falling or not, I'm going to play the same way, take the same shots. You never know when they're going to fall but I can't let that affect my floor game and other games that I do."

"We want to definitely go out there and be aggressive from the start of the game, like I said. When you're in a rut and you're playing not so great, you play yourself into that and you play yourself out of it. I felt like the second half of Game 4 we played ourself out of that, we got back to playing the way we were accustomed to playing. We proved that today in the way that we played four straight quarters."

"You definitely want to have a repeat performance, You want to go out there, wherever it's at, play the same exact way. Elimination games are always the hardest to win because that other team who is facing elimination is going to be fighting, scratching and clawing. It's going to be a good challenge for us."

"Rook was great, Afflalo was great tonight man. He never knew whether he was going to play or not. He hadn't played yet but he continued to stay focused all the time. He came in with a lot of energy. Defensively he was great. Offensively he hit shots. Big game for him."

"No, it doesn't but we'll take it. We'll take it all day."

"He's a really good player as well and he's not going to struggle every single night. He's going to get out of his rut and he's going to play some good games. But it's not about one person, whether who outplays who. It's about a team thing with us and the Pistons won tonight."

Tayshaun Prince

"It's a good thing that we did play like we did. Obviously it was a matter of time before he (AI) came out and make some shots. He was aggressive. It's a good thing that we were on a hot streak as well. We were moving the ball and doing the things that we needed to do. Like I said after the last game in Philly, if we can carry over what we did in that second half and bring it the first quarter, it would set a good tone for our team so that's what it did."

"Moving the ball and being aggressive. Obviously Chauncey hit some shots early. When Chauncey hits shots early, he kicks it to Sheed, Sheed makes shots, it gets our team going. Because now we're moving the ball. We're playing good defense when we make shots. That was the case."

"We really had a gut-check last game at halftime. We came out and made plays and that really set the tone for our team as far as what we need to do to really establish ourselves against this team as far as being patient. They've really been doing a good job of making us turn the basketball over and when we play smart and play hard at the same time, that's when we're taking care of the basketball."

"It's very important because you never want to give a team like this any hope. They won Game 1 and that's a sign of a good basketball team that they can play on the road -- good young crew. We have to keep responding. We have good momentum going into this next game. Of course, the probability of shooting 78 percent in the next game in the first quarter is not likely but if we can play good, solid defense and take care of the basketball, we should be in good shape."

Rip Hamilton

"We wanted to be the team that go out and try to make a run early and I thought we did a great job of that."

"We've just got to do it. We've got to look and see what's at stake. Guys did a great job tonight of really focus on taking care of home. Fans come out and did an excellent job of cheering us on, we wanted to give them something to cheer about."

"We made the easy play. We didn't want to hold the ball and things like that. If you had a shot, shoot it, if not, try to make a play for somebody else."

"Chauncey was awesome tonight. Not just making baskets, but dishing. He had 11 assists tonight. When he's rolling like that, we just try to feed off of him."

Maurice Cheeks

"Well, they were very good once again. Offensively, I think Chauncey, the way he took over the game in the beginning, each and every one of them actually, this is a team that's been in situations before that understands how to take advantage of certain things. It was very evident tonight of Chauncey understanding the situation, Rip understanding the situation."

"We never talk enough about Tayshaun Prince. He's always like the fourth guy but he's always that main guy at some point at the end of the clock. They have a lot of good players."

"The series is not over until someone gets four wins. That's the essence of it right now. We got to play a little better, obviously. We have to play a little better on the defensive end. Can't turn the ball over as much and we've got to defend a little bit better one-on-one."

Andre Miller

"We played them pretty even after the first, but they capialized on our game plan and hit shot after shot."
(CB) "He opens everything up for them. Our game plan was to make him hit jumpers, and he did what he was supposed to do. By the time we made any adjustments, it was over."
"They protected their home court, and we have to do the same thing in Game 6."

"I think that we play well with our backs against the wall. They did what they were supposed to do to protect their home court and we need to do the same thing."
Willie Green

"We all got to see the Detroit Pistons at their best tonight. That's why they are one of the toughest teams in the Eastern Conference."
"We played them tough, and that's a positive, but you have to tip your hat. They beat us in every aspect of the game."

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