Friday, April 25, 2008

Wee-wee, les Habitants want to play dirty

By Steven Lienert
The Phanatic Magazine

If what happened in Montreal on Thursday night took place at the Wachovia Center in South Philly, the national media would be talking about Santa Claus for the next two days.

About how barbaric Philadelphia sports fans once again blurred the line between sane and fanaticism.

This has nothing to do with the ref's in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Flyers and Canadiens – even though Mike Richards put a clean hit on Alexi Divealot, er, uh, Kovalev and the Russian embellished it enough to get a lame call. But I digress.

This is about Richards getting doused, and I mean doused, with a beverage by a fan after he was in penalty box for the hit on Kovalev. If that happens in Philadelphia, it's national news. Dan Rather would interrupt a live report from Baghdad if someone did that here.

How many times have seen footage of the Flyers' fan that went past security and over the boards after Tie Domi in a playoff series a few years ago? (I know. I loved it, too.)

But because it happens in hockey loving (although nearly seceded) Quebec, it makes for a jolly joke for all the hosers standing around a campfire in the parking lot of the Bell Centre (they're bad spellers, too). Take off, eh. That's like saying soccer hooliganism is okay because it happened in England.

It's open season on the Canadiens and Canadians alike.

By the way, Philadelphia Flyers' fans now have carte blanche to do what they want to the Canadian National Anthem. Now, I'm not the most patriotic guy on the planet, but I've had enough of hearing a barn full of mullet-heads booing the Star Spangled Banner every time it's played north of the border.

Before Game 3 back here in Philly, Flyers fans should watch Team America: World Police and South Park: The Movie to prepare. It's time to 'Blame Canada' for being a bunch of 'Uncle-F#@%ers' and remind them that we're 'America-F#@% Yeah.'

Drown out their anthem, drown out their fans and drown out the ref's. It's time to circle the wagons in Flyers Country.

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Anonymous said...

Just wait till the Flyers come home for game 3. Thats all Ive got to say to the Habs and their idiotic fans.

Anonymous said...

You can boo the canadian anthem all you want. Most of us don't consider ourselves Canadians anyway, but rather Quebecois. Yes, we're named the Montreal Canadiens, but that's because that's how french-canadians used to call themselves a century ago, when the team was formed.

As for your comment saying that Montreal fans were idiotic... let me just tell you that the people who burned those police cars were organized gangs that were out for trouble and taking advantage of the festive atmosphere that followed the vistory against Boston. They were not hockey fans at all.

Anonymous said...

Flyer fans just killing me on this post Game 1 stuff (Team Manager, Coach, players too for that matter). I haven't heard so much whining since the Liberty Bell cracked (I hear they are re-locating it to the Bell Centre in Montreal LOL! I mean, this sure doesn't sound like the Rocky I know -- wus-complaining!). I sincerely hope the Flyer team remains focused on how their collective lives are full of misery and misfortune ... just a super mindset to play high level hockey in. Habs in 4.