Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More negative feedback for changes at WPEN

“While I applaud Greater Media and WPEN for bringing in a great local talent like Mike Missanelli and getting Jody Mac (McDonald) into his natural mid-day slot, it still doesn’t seem to me that they are committed to taking on WIP," Radio Racket's Kyle DeWitt said in an e-mail to Laura Nachman.

"A show like “Mike and Mike” in the morning won’t draw an audience in this town and throwing a boat anchor like Mike Tirico in between your best local shows kills any momentum Jody builds. Now if they bring in Tony Bruno to put in between Jody and Mike then they may make some hay. Until then, it looks like more of the same of what we’ve seen since they signed on as a sports station.”

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Anonymous said...

950 dissappears in four months...