Monday, June 09, 2008

WWE suspends another wrestler

James "Jimmy Wang Yang" Yun was suspended for 30 days by World Wrestling Entertainment for violating the company's wellness (drug) policy.


Anonymous said...

It is terrible to see another WWE personality get suspended. There is a comical side to this kind of madness. I just received a DVD called "Caught on Tape." It shows WWE star "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan blasted out of his gourd! In a frightening scene from the DVD, Hacksaw is seen signing autographs at an auto dealership as an amateur “wannabe” wrestler attacks Hacksaw leading to a full throttle street brawl in front of the car customers. Hacksaw is also seen breaking a studio apart during a live interview, causing the cameramen to abandon their cameras and seek cover as pieces of the studio set were flying all over the place. The host on this DVD is this guy, Mike McDaniel from a show "Havin' a Beer with Mike." It is a bad ass DVD! The presentation is outstanding and for no additional charge, you get an actual piece of a 2x4 used by Hacksaw in a live WWE match. The 2x4 chunk is inside the package along with a special certificate of authenticity signed by Hacksaw Jim Duggan. These are collectors edition pre-release DVD's certain to be very valuable. I got mine at

Base326 said...

Hey mike

That is pretty wild-- you actual get a piece of Hacksaw's 2x4?
That is soo funny. I saw Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the past do his special yell--hey oohh--he seems like a fun guy. I might ckeck that out-- I am a big Hacksaw fan- Thanks