Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mets waive the white flag

By John McMullen

(The Phanatic Magazine) - Sure it's a little disappointing that the Phillies couldn't scratch out a run against Jon Lester on Tuesday. But, for the first time in recent memory the Fightins fans can play the haughty one, pretend they are Yankees followers and say who cares?

This is regular season baseball and regular season baseball means bumpkiss when you know the postseason awaits.

And, if there was any doubt the local nine would be playing come October, you can forget about it now. The New York Mets officially waived the white flag at 3:11 a.m. (et) on Tuesday morning when they became Major League Baseball's version of the Baltimore Colts

Yep. the Wilpons and general manager Omar Minaya made the classy Willie Randolph and a couple coaches fly 3,000 miles just so they could whack them in the middle of the night. A smooth move that surely kept the New York tabloids at bay for all of two minutes while garnering valuable public relations points.

Sarcasm aside, let's be honest... managers are hired to be fired and Willie probably should have been shown the door after last season's epic collapse. Not that the six-time All-Star deserved it. It was Minaya who spent $135 million to build a team that lacked any kind of strong clubhouse presence.

You really think Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran are all of a sudden going to wake up and start showing some leadership for Jerry Manuel?

You really think Billy Wagner is going to shut up and stop being the world's worst teammate this side of Curt Schilling?

Rest easy Phillies fans...October is right around the corner.

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