Friday, June 27, 2008

Trexler's Penn State book on Amazon pre-sale deal

By John McMullen
The Phanatic Magazine

The Phanatic Magazine's Jared Trexler spent months combing through record books, statistics, historical and personal accounts of Penn State football. They are all compiled in a statistical and program-spanning look at Nittany Lion pigskin -- from the glossed-over days of Rip Engle to the legacy of his one-time assistant and now college football icon, Joe Paterno.

Trexler's book is available on pre-sale at the following link: Trexler's Penn State book. Michael Poorman, a one-time beat writer and a distinguished member of Penn State's College of Communications faculty, penned the book's foreword. Poorman is a senior lecturer who created a new class for the upcoming fall semester dealing with Paterno's career-long interactions with the media. He also serves as a director of alumni relations and has spent most of his adult life immersed in the Penn State Football Annual.

"Mike knows as much about Penn State football as any writer on the planet," Trexler stated. "He works for the university, lives in State College, spends many minutes of his day around working and aspiring journalists and still maintains a strong journalistic connection to the prestigious program."

The 200-page book is due for an August release through Savas Beatie -- a well-known publisher of historically significant literature. Trexler was assisted in the editing and number compilation process by Marc Maxwell, Daniel J. Brush and David Horne. The trio is responsible for creating the Sports By the Numbers series with four books already published and fully stocked for sale, including the first novel on Oklahoma football and a book about the sports juggernaut in the Bronx.

"Marc, Daniel and David had a vision," Trexler said. "I'm glad they choose me to be a part of it. They all assisted with the many numbers and research, but I hope my friends, family, colleagues, mentors and loyal Penn State fans recognize the style and perspective of my writing. I attempted to both offer a historical look and personal perspective of a great sports program. It was an honor to be a part of this undertaking."

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