Friday, March 14, 2008

NFL Draft - Top 20 quarterbacks

-Courtesy of NFL scout Frank Coyle -

Positional Overview: Quarterbacks - Grade B
This is an above-average class with good upside if the young passers continue to develop. Several top prospects, including seniors Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm should be first-round selections. Ryan will likely be taken in the top 5 selections. Passers like Chad Henne, Andre Woodson and John David Booty were impressive during the Senior Bowl practices and game that elevated them into the first two rounds. Delaware's Joe Flacco is an interesting small-college prospect. He made major strides this fall, and impressed scouts with a big arm at the Senior Bowl. He makes this a special group after also impressing at his workout at the NFL Combine.


1. Matt Ryan 6-5, 225 4.90 Boston College
Strong armed senior held the #1 rating with a big week at the NFL Combine. He will throw at his pro day and is doing all the right things to be a very early 1st round pick.

2. Brian Brohm 6-3, 230 4.85 Louisville
Slick throwing senior shows the complete package to become a fine NFL starter and had a decent workout at the combine. He needs to impress at his pro day throwing the ball to stay in the first round.

3. Chad Henne 6-3, 230 4.80 Michigan
Talented senior answered questions about his injury riddled final season with a huge performance at the Senior Bowl. He had a good week in Indy.

4. Andre' Woodson 6-4, 230 4.85 Kentucky
Big athletic senior carried the Wildcats over recent seasons. He has been slipping in the rankings and opted out of workouts in Indy. He had a strong pro day performance that helped answer key questions.

5. Joe Flacco 6-6, 230 4.90 Delaware
Strong armed small college passer was impressive throwing the ball at the Senior Bowl week and has moved up the rankings further. He impressed further in Indy.

6. John David Booty 6-2, 215 4.95 Southern Cal
Savvy senior passer had a strong ’07 finish and completed an impressive week at the Senior Bowl.

7. Erik Ainge 6-6, 225 5.05 Tennessee
Tall rangy senior passer flashes big play ability late in the Senior Bowl that earned him high raves by scouts.

8. Colt Brennan 6-2, 205 4.85 Hawaii
Record setting passer participated in only the passing drills at the NFL Combine and looked fairly sharp. His subpar week at the Senior Bowl must be answered with a big performance at his pro day.

9. Josh Johnson 6-2, 195 4.55 San Diego University
Talented small college passer had a big week at the East-West week, showcasing fine overall skills for the position. His workout in Indy showed he belonged with the top prospects at the position.

10. Alex Brink 6-2, 210 4.90 Washington St
Underrated prospect displays a live arm with good size and instincts for the position. He looked sharp in the drills at the NFL Combine.

11. Kevin O'Connell 6-5, 225 4.60 San Diego St
Huge athletic senior had a fine workout in Indy that has scouts viewing his game tapes over past two seasons.

12. Sam Keller 6-4, 235 4.90 Nebraska
Athletic senior was having a strong final season in his first year before a shoulder injury ended his career. He had a decent week at the NFL Combine.

13. Paul Smith 6-1, 210 4.90 Tulsa
Efficient senior passer completed a fine career and impressed scouts with his well rounded skills at two All-star games.

14. Anthony Morelli 6-4, 232 4.95 Penn St
15. Dennis Dixon 6-3, 195 4.60 Oregon
16. Ricky Santos 6-1, 195 5.00 New Hampshire
17. Kyle Wright 6-4, 220 4.75 Miami
18. Omar Haugabook 6-1, 220 4.70 Troy
19. Matt Flynn 6-2, 230 4.75 LSU
20. Bernard Morris 6-3, 200 4.75 Marshall

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