Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reid talks injuries

Andy Reid updated the media on the Eagles injury situation before practice today:

"Kevin Curtis, he has a little bit of knee inflammation, and so we’re just going to try and get the swelling out of there. It doesn’t look like it’s anything serious," the coach said.

"Todd [Herremans] did have a surgery. The surgery went well. Now it’s just a matter of time to see how things heal up there.

"Darren Howard went through the eight-on-eight this morning but is still recovering from the groin strain.

"[LB Charleston] Hughes has a foot contusion [and didn't practice].

"Max [Jean-Gilles] has a strained shoulder. Again, it doesn’t seem to be too serious but we’re going to give him a couple of days here for that thing to settle down. Then he’ll be back.

"Rob Myers has a groin strain. He’s having an MRI as we speak.

"Shawn Andrews will practice today. It’ll be good to get him back out there. He’s going to start out with the scout team and just kind of test it and take it real slow here. He hasn’t been able to do any football-related drills or anything, so we’re just going to take it nice and easy here and see how he does here. He went through the eight-on-eight and it looked like he made it through there okay. We’ll just take it day by day here and see how everything works out."

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