Monday, May 14, 2007


By John McMullen
The Phanatic Magazine

Most people are insecure. And insecure people tend to embellish to make it a little easier to get up in the morning.

You see it all the time...

We have all met the guy with the crappy job who has been out of college for a decade but still brags about that "1300" they got on the SAT.

Or the 35-year old friend who still lives with a roommate but feels the need to brag about how much he "scores" with the ladies.

Or how about the weekend warrior who was once the 12th man on his high school basketball team and now brags about his superior point guard skills...

It's really quite comical on one level, sad on another.


Can't understand it...Some people gave me something called a Midwest Journalists Award a few years ago and my ego hasn't been able to fit comfortably in any room I have entered since.

So, as you might imagine -- I can't relate to Donovan McNabb.

DMac is one heck of a quarterback. A super talent that has achieved more with the Philadelphia Eagles than any other quarterback in the franchise's history. If I were Donovan, I would carry myself with supreme confidence.

But, the real McNabb is an uber-sensitive, thirtysomething that acts like a teenager on a never-ending first date.

Donovan claims he had the same reaction most fans had when the Eagles selected quarterback Kevin Kolb with their first pick in last month's NFL draft -- shock.

I'll buy that but after the requisite copyrighted DMac sulking, Wilma's baby boy finally met with his boss, head coach Andy Reid. That meeting went so well that Donovan broke from the Birds auspices, hired his own publicity man and offered up a number of interviews to the requisite softballers.

The fake bravado was in high gear as McNabb sabotaged himself.

"When you draft somebody at the position you're in, of course you have questions of 'What does that mean?"' McNabb told Eagles propaganda specialist Howard Eskin on WIP. "The most important thing for me is to make sure I'm healthy and 100 percent and get back out there competing and do the right thing on the field. If I'm healthy, it's my job."

And I guess it is -- until 2008. That's when McNabb will learn to never cross the boss, at least in Philly. Nothing short of a Super Bowl title will keep Kevin Kolb from taking his place under center in 2008.

All in the name of insecurity

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