Thursday, June 18, 2009

WIP losing ground

The latest Arbitron ratings are out and WIP has lost nearly 15 percent of its audience in May, dropping from a 3.4 to a 2.8 with 449,7oo cumulative listeners. As a whole, WIP fell to 16th overall in the Philadelphia market.

Down the dial, ESPN950 stayed steady for the third straight month with a 1.1 and 206,400 listeners.

ESPN950's biggest headway has come in the afternoons where Mike Missanelli is now beating Howard Eskin in some key demos.

WIP, meanwhile, continues to try and prop up the floundering Eskin with a co-host. This week's tryout is former Eagle Brian Mitchell. WFANer Adam the Bull got a looksie last week while Rob Ellis also got a tryout. The big fish, however, is NBC10's John Clark and WIP continues to try and get Clark to greenlight a moonlighting gig.

The time is ripe for ESPN950 to make a serious run but that would require more local programming and GreaterMedia has shown no real interest in that.

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