Monday, June 29, 2009

AFL may never come back

It's looking more and more likely that the Philadelphia Soul will be the last Arena Football League champions.

Seven months after the AFL canceled their 2009 season, a plan to relaunch in 2010 has still not been formulated.

"I would love to see the AFL come back," Chicago Rush part-owner Mike Ditka told the San Jaose Mercury News. "But if you ain't heard anything by now saying they will, I don’t see them coming back because there were too many weak sisters."

Rush primary owner Alan Levin told the newspaper that time has already run out for the league to return in 2010, citing the lack of allocated players and the fact most coaching staffs have disbanded.

"It’s too late to commit to a 2010 season because we don’t have enough time to properly prepare," Levin said.

The AFL recently hired its third commissioner since last summer, Mark Lewis, but has not officially announced the move and AFL Players Association president James Baron has decried the lack of leadership from the league office.

"We’re looking for leadership and integrity from the owners, and there’s not a lot of that coming out of there right now," Baron said. "I’d like to be as optimistic as possible that we’ll play next year. But there is nothing to this point that would indicate that’s going to happen."

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