Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lange pitches a shutout vs. Buck

Comedian Artie Lange destroyed the overmatched Joe Buck on the premiere of Buck's show on HBO last night.

"The King of Nepotism" is as haughty and smarmy as it gets and comically tried to match wits with Lange of The Howard Stern Show.

It was a train wreck and a lot of people were uncomfortable watching. Personally, I was thrilled to see Buck put in his place. HBO Sports chief Ross Greenburg made a big mistake giving this ass clown a show.


Moderator said...

This was no mistake - today on the Stern show Artie confirmed exactly what I suspected. Producer Ross Greenburg told him beforehand to "go nuts" if the segment got boring.

Greenburg is shrewd enough to know that such an open-ended invitation would result in exactly what went down - a nightclub comedian doing his uncensored act. The end result: TONS of free publicity for a show that otherwise should have been titled "Joe Buck Dead" for its distinct lack of humor or anything newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

This fat slob came off as the unfunny drunk at the party who makes everyone uncomfortable without actually being funny.