Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mitchell's WIP status

Former Eagles returner Brian Mitchell, who served as a guest host with the reeling Howard Eskin on WIP, claims he was let go by Red Zebra Radio was because he was too critical of Red Zebra’s sister company, the Washington Redskins.

WIP is quickly becoming the ex-Eagles station with Hugh Douglas, Ike Reese and Jeremiah Trotter already on board.

“When (Mitchell) became available, we decided to take a look,” WIP general manager Marc Rayfield told philly.com via e-mail. “Where we might potentially use him is yet to be determined but the feedback from our listeners has been tremendous.”

Closed circuit to Rayfield...I realize this is an Eagles town and an ex-Bird always carries a certain cachet to the locals but your once vaunted juggernaut is quickly becoming a series of amateur hours.

How about hiring a real radio professional and letting him cultivate listeners?

Patience in radio...what a novel concept.


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