Monday, October 29, 2007

Reaction to Jones Suspension

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren and defenseman Randy Jones said the following regarding the NHL suspending Jones two games as a result of his hit on Boston's Patrice Bergeron on Saturday, October 27. The Flyers won the game, 2-1.

Randy Jones: "I am a little on the dissappointment side. I think Mr. Campbell is in a tough situation on making this decision in regards to the last couple incidents involving the Flyers. I think he saw my point of view where this was not intentional. This was just a freak accident which unfortunately resulted in an injury. I respect his decision and I have to deal with it, move on, and get back playing after I serve the two games."

Paul Holmgren: "Randy Jones was suspended by the National Hockey League for two games. I'm disappointed. I think it is a situation that we see, minus the injury to Patrice Bergeron, quite often because a) the intensity of the game; and b) the way offensive players try to spin away from the defensive players. Im dissappointed, but we will deal with it."

Q: What was Mr. Campbell's reasoning behind the suspension?

PH: "In fairness to [Campbell], I do think he had a hard time making this decision. I think the reason was because Randy was just a little too aggressive on the player, in his viewpoint, on a player who was in a vulnerable position."

Q: How did Randy take it?

PH: "He took it in stride. He is a good kid. He's felt bad since the incident happened. Now there is some closure on this and he can get through our next two games and be back in the lineup. I don't think this will have any long term effect on Randy."


Anonymous said...

Jones should be suspended for two games PLUS the same number of games that Bergeron is out out because of the dirty hit. Jones is a coward, and if current trends continue, the Flyers should be subject to increasing team penalties by the NHL.

Anonymous said...

Colin Campbell should be fired for his idiotic analisis of that hit, and the puny 2 game suspension. That hit could seal the Bruins fate this season, as it was on arguably their best player, and Bergeron will surely miss more than a month of the season. Get Campbell out of his office, and bring Jones back to Boston for a littl;e chat with Thornton and Chara next game they play.