Monday, May 05, 2008

WWE's Massaro caught in call-girl scandal

By John McMullen

(The Phanatic Magazine) - Rolling Stone Magazine is reporting that World Wrestling Entertainment star Ashley Massaro was a high-priced call girl for the Bella Models international escort service in Los Angeles.

The magazine reported details of the FBI's investigation into the service, listing names of Playboy models, Maxim models and porn stars who were used as escorts by the agency, which had several prominent television stars, Fortune 500 CEOs, and athletes as clients and charged up to $25,000 per night.

But, the Massaro outed by Rolling Stone may not be the WWE star. A second Ashley Massaro, who is a bikini model from Las Vegas, may be the women in question.

The FBI did track down e-mails between an Ashley Massaro and Bella Models, with the agency made arrangements for Massaro to meet with clients.

According to Rolling Stone, the FBI found emails in which the company's madam, Michelle "Nici" Braun states: "All I do is make the introductions between famous girls and rich guys who want to meet them. I think the rates I charge are justified just to meet these women, even if nothing happens."

The e-mails in question were dated before Massaro began working for WWE, and she did pose for Playboy on a few occasions under the name of Mackenzie Ryan.

The WWE's Massaro has denied any involvement on a My Space post titled..."False...False...False."

"Just got buzzed on some BS that is going around," Massaro wrote. "Don't believe it for a second. Getting in touch with my lawyer as we speak. I'm beyond upset."

Rolling Stone contributing editor Michelle Grigoriadis, who penned the piece, is standing by it.

"Obviously, I stand by my story," Grigoriadis wrote in an e-mail to Pro Wrestling Insider. "Massaro is named in an FBI search warrant that was executed on Michelle Braun's property in October, 2007. I have no knowledge of another woman by the same name."

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