Thursday, April 22, 2010

TWA returns to Flyers Skate Zone on June 6

-Courtesy of TWA

One of the most massive and dangerous tag teams in the world today are coming to the TWA on June 6th to compete in the Tag-Team Title Tournament.

They are the Maifu & Saifu, the 848 lbs Nigerian Nightmares, with their manager Voodoo Princess Sheeta.
The Nightmares are one of the most feared tag teams in wrestling today, as they have been leaving a trail of broken bones and beaten bodies all along the east coast.  Made in the mold of The Wild Samoans, the Ugandan Giant, Kamala, The Headhunters and the Zambuie Express, the Nightmares combine a unique blend of size, power, savagery and agility that has had opponents scratching their heads trying to figure out how to take down these two behemoths.  Before you even get a chance to get over the eerie ring entrance of the Nightmares, they are right on top of their opponents, tearing them apart.  The most amazing thing about the Nightmares is the agility they posses for their size.  Whether it is a spinning leg lariat, a slingshot leg drop into the ring from the outside apron or a big splash off the top rope, their opponents are usually caught off guard by their unlikely skills.
The Nightmares have had several managers/handlers in the past including R.L. Jackson and Tiki.  However, neither could effectively control and focus the Nightmares quite like their current handler, Voodoo Princess Sheeta.  If the Nightmares have any weakness, it would be that they don’t seem to grasp the concept of wins and losses and they just want to hurt people.  However, under Sheeta's guidance, the Nightmares have been undefeated in the National Wrestling Superstars (NWS) promotion for the last several years.  Plus, they have some tag team tournament experience as Maifu (the taller of the pair) & Saifu w/ Voodoo Princess Sheeta won the 2010 Captain Lou Albano Memorial J-Cup Tag Team Tournament sponsored by NWS in February 2010.  Certainly, if the Nightmares were around a generation ago, one could imagine them right along-side Captain Lou w/ WWWF Tag Team Gold as Albano was famous for managing uncontrollable tag teams to championships like the Wild Samoans, the Moondogs, the Mongols and the Headshrinkers.
Of the teams announced in the TWA Tag Team Title Tournament so far, the Nightmares are far and away the biggest team and if any of the other teams have a hope of defeating them, them will have to avoid being caught in the grasp of the Nightmares long enough to get them tired, use their size against them and get them off their feet.
One thing is for sure; whoever meets these two mastodons on April 6th is in for one monumental challenge.
TWA Commissioner Joel Goodhart just signed a masked international star to take part in the Tag Team Tournament on Sun, June 6th.  The masked man has wrestled all over the world in Japan , France , Germany, Ireland , Mexico , the UK and in the States, and was trained by some of the greats in this sport.  He will form a team with Shockwave the Robot as they go for TWA Tag Team gold.  We will announce just who this competitor is in a few days.
Teams announced for the tournament**
- The Logan Brothers (former 2-time ECWA Tag Team Champions/current Chaotic Tag Team Champions)
- The Best Around (former CZW Tag Team Champions)
- "The Red, White & BLUE Express" The Blue Meanie & Kid America w/ Mini-America (TWA)
- The Colony, Soldier Ant & Green Ant (Chikara)
- The Nigerian Nightmares w/ Voodoo Princess Sheeta (2010 Captain Lou Albano Memorial J-Cup Champions) (NWS)
- 3 more teams to be announced
- in a Non-Tournament Match, WWF/E Legends the original Ax & Smash, DEMOLITION (former WWF/E Tag Team Champions)
- Breaker Morant will defend his newly won TWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP
Shockwave the Robot
Special Appearance by...
Former WWE Diva, "The Kat" Stacy Carter
 **Card subject to change.
Tickets are now on sale for the TWA June 6th Tag Team Title Tournament.  They are ONLY $12.00 ringside and $10.00 general admission.
Venue Driving Directions:  
*Also a note for all fans, please be sure to retain your ticket stubs for this event as there is a $7.00 off coupon to Jiffy Lube for Signature Service Oil Change at these locations only...
5781 Rt. 42
(in the Kohls Shopping Center )
Turnersville , NJ 08012

Maple Shade
508 S Lenola Rd.
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

111-115 White Horse Pike
(next to Station Ave )
Absecon , NJ 08201

Welsh Road
9127 Marshall St
(next to Shop N Bag)
Philadelphia ,  PA 19114
Thanks to Jiffy Lube for this great offer!
Also, TWA “Rasslin’ Radio/Squared Circle” HOMECOMING will be on Saturday, June 5th; the first time the TWA has come to the state of Pennsylvania in 20 years featuring a Ringmasters Rumble with TWA Originals and the winner getting a TWA Title Match later in the evening!!!  More information will be released shortly.
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- or call 856-232-9332 (Hair by Dezign).
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