Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ortiz blames incident on Jameson's oxycontin addiction

After being released from jail on bond, UFC star Tito Ortiz and his lawyer held a press conference claiming that his girlfriend Jenna Jameson is addicted to oxycontin and that he never struck her.

Chip Matthews, Ortiz's attorney, claimed Jameson had been battling the addiction for more than a year and that Ortiz and other family members have been protecting her. 

Matthews claimed Jameson had a relapse and Ortiz confronted her on Monday about the drugs he claimed to have found.  They claim Ortiz was arrested when officers saw physical marks on Jameson's body nut claimed an injury to Jameson's left elbow was from her losing her balance and falling. 

Matthews also said that Jameson has been to rehab, and her addiction has led to multiple 911 suicide calls.

Jameson left Ortiz's home in Huntington Beach for Las Vegas, saying that Ortiz was just trying to save his career.  

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