Tuesday, April 27, 2010

McHale, Barkley and Webber talk L.B. and Sixers

Kevin McHale on reports that Bobcats head coach Larry Brown is planning to head to the Philadelphia 76ers:

“I certainly hope that is not true. If you are a player for the Charlotte Bobcats, leaving your heart and soul on that floor, you don’t want to hear that your coach is taking another job. I hope that is not true. I really like Coach Brown and I know he is committed to the Bobcats so I hope those are erroneous rumors.”

Kevin McHale on the dedication the Charlotte Bobcats have to coach Larry Brown:

“One thing you can say about Charlotte is that they may have a tough time scoring, but they play hard. Those guys give it to their coach. Larry Brown demands effort and they really give it to him, so he has to be very, very happy with his team. Like I said, if you are player bleeding on the floor for your coach, you hate to hear reports like that thinking he is leaving them.”

Charles Barkley on reports that Larry Brown could leave the Charlotte Bobcats to take a front office job with the Philadelphia 76ers:

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he went up to the front office.  I believe him when he says he won’t coach anywhere else but that doesn’t mean he won’t take a (front office job) with the 76ers.  The 76ers are in a lot of trouble, they have a long way to go and they are not a very good team so he’s definitely not going to go there to coach.  If you look at the Charlotte team, they are not a contender in the next (few) years.  They’ve got two great building blocks in Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson.  They are not going to win the Championship in the next two or three years.”

Chris Webber: “Philly might not make the Playoffs in the next ten years,”

Barkley: “But being upstairs (in the front office), he won’t have the stress of sitting on the bench.  Let’s be realistic, Larry isn’t a spring chicken.  So does he want the stress of staying in Charlotte and having a good team…”

Webber: “Or do you want the stress of getting rid of Elton Brand’s contract, getting Andre Iguodala right and getting Samuel Dalembert right?”

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