Friday, February 19, 2010

Stefanski can't be trusted

Those of you with children have probably gone to the cliche bin a time or two.

"Two wrongs don't make a right" is one of favorites. Most of us usually trot that one out as a reflex when the kid retaliating is caught red-handed.

That said, it's also pretty sound advice. Compounding one mistake with another is never a good idea, which brings me to Ed Stefanski and the Philadelphia 76ers.

I'm glad the Sixers embattled basketball chief didn't make a major deal at the trade deadline simply because I don't trust him.

I understand people are fed up with Andre Iguodala's limited offensive game and Samuel Dalembert's lack of consistency but why compound the Elton Brand signing and the Eddie Jordan hiring by letting the same guy who made those decisions trade your best player and a contract that will really be able to fetch something significant next year?

Patience is the key.

Hopefully, Ed Snider recognizes his own mistake after the season and jettisons both Stefanski and Jordan. That needs to be followed by the hiring of a sound basketball mind to make the decisions.

Think about it...If Larry Brown wants to trade Iguodala or Dalembert so be i you can bet he would get value back in return.

Can you really say the same about Stefanski, the guy who dumped a truckload of money on a damaged Brand and thought Jordan would be a nice fit for this team?

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