Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Stefanski talks

If you are a head coach, you don't want the general manager sniffing around
but that's exactly where Maurice Cheeks finds himself after the Sixers'
pedestrian 8-10 start.

Ed Stefanski followed his team to Chicago on Tuesday and had a little get
together with the media before the team's game with the mighty LA Lakers on

Stefanski is clearly not happy with the team he has cobbled together and spoke about a number of things in a clandestine way.

"Mo is coaching, the players are the players and they all have to figure it out with me," Stefanski said before Wednesday’s game. "We talk and communicate daily to try and straighten this out. All of us, including everybody in that locker room, are not happy we’re 8-10 right now."

The GM acknowledged that Andre Iguodala has had a difficult time with the two spot and might need more minutes at the three.

Asked if that meant a possible trade for a legitimate shooting guard, Stefanski said not neccesarily, intimating that Willie Green, who he called one of the team's most consistent players early in the season, or Kareem Rush, who Cheeks has virtually ignored, could be answers.

Moving, Iggy back to the three could create a domino effect. Already Samuel Dalembert is losing minutes and many have speculated he is on the trading block. Stefanski denied that but said he would "look" at anything to improve
the team.

"You’ll never hear patience come out of my mouth," Stefanski said.

Stefanski also said the team is trying too hard to fit in around Elton Brand and needs to revert back to a team that fuels the break with pressure defense. Stefanski feels Brand is a good enough player that he can flourish in any system.

"I’m not going to say I’m shocked that we’re taking a little time to try to get this all figured out," Stefanski said.

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