Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NFL scout: Vikings more talented; Eagles will win

The two most vilified members of the Eagles organization -- coach Andy Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb -- are the reason the Eagles will win in Minnesota, an NFL scout told The Phanatic Magazine Monday night.

"The Vikings are a very talented team that doesn't have a leader on the field or on the sidelines," the scout said.

Asked to compare the teams, the scout gave the edge to the Vikings on offense by a startling 8-3 margin. Only quarterback Donovan McNabb, rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson and right tackle Jon Runyan were better than their counterparts in Minnesota. McNabb and Runyan were rated significantly better than their peers with the Vikings, Tarvaris Jackson and Ryan Cook.

On defense, it was similar with the Vikings holding the edge at six positions, the Eagles taking just two and three considered even.

The scout also gave Brad Childress' club the edge at punter and placekicker but indicated the Eagles have better coverage teams and a much more accomplished coach.

Here's how he broke it down:


QB - McNabb-T.Jackson - Big edge to Eagles
RB - Westbrook-Peterson - Vikings
FB - Klecko-Tahi - Vikings
WR - Curtis-Berrian - Vikings
WR - D. Jackson-Wade - Eagles
TE - Smith/Celek-Shiancoe - Vikings
OC - J.Jackson - Birk - Vikings
LG - Herremans - Hutchinson - Vikings
RG - N.Cole - Hererra - Vikings
LT - Thomas - McKinnie - Vikings
RT - Runyan - Cook - Big edge to Eagles

RDE - T.Cole - Allen - Vikings
DT - Bunkley - K.Williams - Vikings
DT - Patterson - P.Williams - Vikings
LDE - Parker - Edwards - Even
MLB - Bradley - Harris - Eagles
WSL - Jordan - Leber - Vikings
SSL - Gocong - Greenway - Vikings
LCB - Samuel - Winfield - Even
RCB - Brown - Griffin - Eagles
FS - Dawkins - Williams - Even
SS - Mikell - Sharper - Vikings

P - Rocca - Kluwe - Vikings
PK - Akers - Longwell - Vikings

Coaching and special teams - Big edge to Eagles.

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