Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sapp rips DMac

Warren Sapp and Phil Simms of Showtime's "Inside the NFL" are the latest to rip Eagles QB Donovan McNabb.

WARREN SAPP: "…when I heard him say it I almost passed out. I thought, 'This will follow you for the rest of your career.' Your legacy in the league, Donovan, will be throwing up in the Super Bowl, Rush Limbaugh and now 'I didn’t know they were ties in the NFL.'"

PHIL SIMMS: "It makes me sad; I can’t even laugh about it because he is a tough player, a good player. I believe, and a lot of people get mad when I say this, I think he is going to go to the Hall of Fame one day. He is probably going to throw for over 40,000 yards…. But you are right, you know how we are in life now and with TV, it’s perception. And these perceptions that have been put out there are going to stay with him until he wins a Super Bowl."

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