Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tony Hunt speaks to the media

***Courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles***

On whether he feels he can be the big running back many feel the Eagles need:
“I feel like I’m a big back and I think that’s why they drafted me. Hopefully, I can bring something to the table that this team is looking for.”

On how much playing time he expects to receive with the Eagles:
“To be honest, I don’t really have a clue about that. I haven’t heard anything yet about anything like that [about how much playing time I’ll receive]. I’ll have to wait and see.”

On where he thought he would be taken in the draft:
“I was thinking anywhere from [rounds] two to three. I went late three. I was just happy to go to Philly. I think it was getting a little long late in the rounds, and I ended up going to Philly. So, we’ll make it work.”

On whether the Eagles were one of the teams that expressed interest in him prior to the draft:
“They were one of the teams I visited, so, yeah, I’d say so.”

On what role teams he visited with prior to the draft wanted him to play:
“Basically the ‘big back’ role- the role I played my whole college career. That’s what I can do.”

On why he has become known as what people label “a big back”:
“It just kind of happened. I didn’t necessarily say ‘[I’m a] big back.’ I just did some hard running. You don’t necessarily have to be big to do that. I just go after the yards that other guys kind of don’t want to get.”

On whether it was important for him to be drafted by a successful franchise:
“I think that’s definitely a positive thing about it, to go to a good football team that’s going to get better.”

On whether there was too much emphasis placed on his 40-yd. dash time at the combine:
“Yeah, I think that’s the truth. I kind of knew that that would be the case. So, it didn’t bother me as much as I expected it [to].”

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