Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kevin Kolb speaks to the media

***Courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles***

On whether he spoke to the Eagles before the draft:

“For the most part, I knew that the interviews went really well. I knew that there was some good chemistry between us too, but you never get a real good feel that you are going to be drafted this early. So, I just tried to take a conservative route with it and I just had no idea it was going to be this early.”

On whether his meeting was with head coach Andy Reid:

“Yes, it was with Andy, [offensive coordinator] Marty Mornhingweg and [quarterbacks] coach [Pat] Shurmur. All the meetings went really well. I had a great feeling coming out of there. I even called my parents and told them it felt great and hopefully it would work out. But you never know how the draft is going to turn out and you can’t get sold on something because you are going to get let down. I was lucky enough to have it happen today.”

On whether he believes his style of play will fit with the Eagles offensive system:

“I think to a T, absolutely. If I could pick out one team from the very beginning, I would have chosen this one because they move a lot of guys around. They get mismatches, they line up in different formations, they go a bit of shotgun and we did a lot of that stuff at the University of Houston. I think that they saw that and they knew I would be able to adjust pretty well to what they do. I think it was a perfect fit and hopefully it will work out in the future.”

On whether he sees himself as the quarterback of the future for this team:

“Yeah, absolutely. That is the reason they took me, that’s the reason they had faith in my skills in what I do and I am anxious to get behind these older guys and get to learn from them over the next however long. I want to learn the ropes and get them to teach me and soak up everything I can. Be a sponge for however long it takes to get my turn and then get in there and win ball games when I get the chance.”

On how long he thinks he will be a backup:

“I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to the coaches about their plans and what they are looking to do. For me, it’s just getting in there and competing every single day. I think that is what every athlete has to do. When your time comes, you have to be ready to jump in there and that could be any time. With injuries and football, you have to be ready at the flip of a switch. That is what I will try to do and keep my mind right from day one and hopefully it will work out great.”

On whether he can be patient, knowing the Eagles have a franchise quarterback in Donovan McNabb:

“Yeah, I think you have to be. I think you have to take that mindset into it; otherwise you are going to get frustrated. So, I am a pretty patient guy. I understand the situations that I am in and I know I will do fine with this one.”

On how surprised he was to be picked by the Eagles at this spot:

“It was a shock. Obviously, as an athlete you feel you are as capable as anyone else on the board, but in the draft it has to be the right team, the right selection at the right time and God was on my side today. He made it work and for our family it was a surprise. There is no doubt about it. But now that it has happened, I can see why they did it. I can see the fit. I have started to settle into the feeling and I am elated to have this opportunity.”

On how it felt to see other quarterbacks rated above him:

“It’s a little bit frustrating, because, like I said, you try to compare yourself and you feel like you are the better quarterback of the bunch. I thought I could play as well as any other quarterback on the board, but I am from a smaller school and I am used to being overlooked. I am used to not getting all the hype. I think that helped me out through this process. I kept my mouth shut, did my work, stayed right and it paid off.”

On whether working under center will be an easy transition for him:

“I am not very worried about that. I have been working on it throughout this entire process and it’s a thing that once you do it, it’s just repetition. I am a hard worker. If I don’t feel comfortable, I get out there before and after practice and in between to make sure I do feel comfortable the next day. That is the approach I take to things, so I am not worried about the transition from shotgun to underneath at all.”

On whether he is apprehensive about interacting with QB Donovan McNabb:

“No, I have heard only good things about Donovan and even though it is a business and we are competing, I hope we can take the right steps to building a relationship. As long as he’s producing, that is there franchise guy, so I think it will be a real good situation. We don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but I do have the right attitude going into it, being patient and waiting my turn.”

On where he spoke to the Eagles coaches:

“I was brought in and they came to work me out. I got in late; I think it was a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. I had an interview with everybody and had very good interviews. I got to know the coaches real well.”

On whether he has any special memories of watching Eagles football while growing up:

“Well, I was a Cowboys fan growing up, so obviously, there was some controversy there. With out offense the past four years, I picked out theirs as one of ones I could be matched up with. We did a lot of the same things and we are very similar in various aspects. I like the way they moved [RB Brian] Westbrook around. They use their TE LJ Smith quite a bit and Donovan gets a chance to roll out and do a lot of things. I like throwing on the run. I like to move around a bit and hopefully, when it gets to me, I will fit in perfect.”

On where he watched the draft:

“We have a farm in south Texas (Poth, Tx / 35 miles south of San Antonio. My entire family is down here. We have a little cabin and we are watching it all together. I had to wait 7 hours. It was a shock, but it was awesome and everybody was going nuts. It was a moment I will never forget.”

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