Friday, April 27, 2007

Mets caught in latest steroid scandal

-Courtesy of United States Department of Justice

SAN FRANCISCO – United States Attorney Scott N. Schools announced that Kirk J. Radomski (a former New York Mets clubhouse employee) pleaded guilty today to Distribution of a Controlled Substance (Anabolic Steroids) and Money Laundering. This guilty plea is the result of an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In pleading guilty, Mr. Radomski admitted to distributing anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, including Human Growth Hormone and Clenbuterol, as well as amphetamines, to dozens of current and former Major League Baseball players, and associates, on teams throughout Major League Baseball. He deposited the payments for those anabolic steroids into his personal bank account and then used the proceeds to finance his residence, which was the base of operation, warehouse, and communication center for his anabolic steroid-dealing business. During Radomski’s past employment in Major League Baseball he developed contacts with Major League Baseball players throughout the country to whom he subsequently distributed anabolic steroids and athletic performance-enhancing drugs. Radomski had personal contact with some of his baseball drug clients, but consulted and conducted drug transactions with others over the telephone and through the mail.

"The distribution of anabolic steroids to professional athletes cheats both the paying public and the clean athletes and is a serious crime," said United States Attorney Scott N. Schools. "This investigation shows that distribution of performance-enhancing drugs continues to be an issue for sport in America. This office is dedicated to pursuing those who benefit from such crimes."

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