Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Say it ain't so Charlie

By John Gottlieb
The Phanatic Magazine
Now we here at The Phanatic Magazine have been waxing poetic all day long as to what's wrong with the Fightin' Phils and who's to blame, but unfortunately I now have to agree with John McMullen, and that's something I detest doing.
I've got no problem with Charlie Manuel challenging Howard Eskin to fight (it's about time someone does), but John was right that he just validated the trash that spews out of Eskin's mouth on a daily basis.
Now, Manuel caved even more by moving Brett Myers to the bullpen. Despite the bad numbers, Myers is a starting pitcher. He's the best starting pitcher the Phillies have. (I'll wait until Cole Hamels makes it through an entire season before he gets the nod as ace of the staff.)
This shows that the fur-coat wearing joke of a radio host got under Charlie's skin. Manuel felt pressure to make a move, especially with ESPN, the AP and any other sports news outlet coming out with the confrontation after last night's embarrassing loss to the Mets. This reeks of desperation.
Pat Gillick is that man that should be taking the heat but Manuel will be the first to go (probably at the first sign that this Myers thing isn't working). Gillick is the one who was trying to fleece other teams for the services of Jon Lieber. I wrote just a month ago that the Phillies were making a mistake by getting rid of Lieber, but he doesn't have the makeup for the bullpen and he can't possibly take the spot of Myers.
Eskin's got to be smiling in his mink this afternoon as he spends four hours tearing into Charlie (oh wait, he does that every day). Really, how silly is a man that wears a fur coat?
It's clear that there is not much Charlie can do to save his job at this point. The Phillies have played bad defense, they haven't hit in the clutch, the bullpen is just as bad as we all knew it was after the end of last season and Adam Eaton is atrocious.

I wrote yesterday about absurd fights between NBA officials and players, but I would pay a whole lot more money to see the 250+ pound Charlie Manuel crush Howard Eskin than this ridiculous Wing Bowl that takes six months from start to finish.
Can you just picture Eskin gently taking off the fur and hanging it in Rod Barajas' locker before clearing the center of the locker room for a brawl with Bumblin' Charlie? The only way TV gets better is if you put Flavor Flav in a reality show.
And just wait, who do you think will take over for Manuel when he eventually gets canned? That prestigious honor will go to Manuel's carbon copy in Jimmy Williams. I'm sure that will be the move that turns the season around.
I'd like to see Eskin manage the Phils for one day and see what miracle he pulls with Shane Victorino at the plate with two outs and runners on second and third. Only then would he realize that the team isn't as good as we all thought.
Gillick deserves the blame but Manuel will be the fall guy. (And Charlie deserves a little one-on-one time with Eskin.) Too bad this isn't a perfect world.

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Only pimps and high-priced call girls wear fur.