Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stewart Bradley thoughts on being drafted

***Courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles***

On how he sees himself fitting in with the Eagles defense:

“I spoke with the defensive coordinator [Jim Johnson] and he thinks the SAM linebacker spot, but I played all three spots in college. I will play wherever they need me to play.”

On how he has come back from his ACL injury:

“I got cleared by the medical staff in about 4 ½ months, so it was a really fast recovery. I think I played very well before my senior year. In my senior year, a game or two in, having a big guy land on it, getting in an uncomfortable position, before mentally I was able to handle it. I feel great now and it feels good.”

On whether he had any interviews with the Eagles:

“I met with some of the scouts at the Senior Bowl and then I spoke to [Jim Johnson] on the phone, but not a ton.”

On what he knows about the Eagles:

“I am a fan of [head coach] Andy Reid because I am from Utah and he used to coach at BYU. I really like the team. I follow [QB] Donovan [McNabb]. They have a very physical team, which is the same style of football we played at Nebraska. They are a team that I have watched.”

On whether he was expecting to go in the 3rd round:

“I heard all different things. I heard higher and lower. I thought I was going to be picked in the first day and I am happy to be an Eagle.”

On whether he thought the Eagles were interested in him:

“Yeah, they talked to my agent and I heard they were interested. So, I was excited and hopeful.”

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