Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bon Jovi issues apology to fans

Jon Bon Jovi made an obscene gesture during last night's Soul game against the Georgia Force. Today, he sent an open letter to the fans of his club.

Dear Soul Fans,

I just want to address my actions at last night’s Soul vs. Georgia Force game. As everyone knows my passion for our game and my passion for our team runs very deep and last night it got the best of me. I was caught up in a moment and my emotions took over. While I do not want to rehash everything, I addressed the matter with the media, the AFL, ESPN and the Georgia Force. I never should have done it, I didn’t mean it and I am sorry. I would hope that this incident will not tarnish our team, our league, our partners and most of all our great fans.


Jon Bon Jovi
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