Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stefanski talks coaching search

“I’ll start to see who’s been coaching, who’s not been coaching. You look at assistants, you look at head coaches, you look at everything. We’ll start from there, get a list together and figure out the ones I feel comfortable with to interview.

“[The decision] is very important. The coach is the guy who’s going to be the leader of these players. We have to get it right and we will get it right. We’re not going to rush into something just to get it done quickly. “

"There are a few things that I really look for in a coach. A communicator; communication is huge in any walk of life, especially when you’re coaching NBA players. Also, a guy who is a leader and will hold players accountable.

“I also want a coach who will develop players. When you bring in young kids and draft picks, you need them to be developed. Obviously X’s and O’s are part of it too. It has to be a percentage of all of them, but I’m real big on anything I do in communication.”

Of course, none of that means anything.

Eddie Jordan is the guy and will be hired once Stefanski feels he has played the pr game long enough to make you believe this has been an exhaustive coaching search.

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