Thursday, December 28, 2006

What State's Football is the Best?

By Jared Trexler

You may not agree with everything ESPN does, but the Worldwide Leader in Sports also puts together some informative, downright cool packages.

This Page One spread deals with which state has the best football, running the gambit from high school to the pro ranks.

Pennsylvania is ranked fourth, thanks in large part to dominating high school football in the coal regions, Joe Paterno and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

No. 1 pro No. 7 college No. 6 high school: The Keystone State has three DI teams, two Heismans, four national titles, four NFL titles, five Super Bowl wins and 26 NFL Hall of Famers.

Yes, you read it correctly. Pennsylvania is the top state for the NFL, which can't be argued considering the success of the Steelers and Eagles over the past decade.

Where is John McMullen's beloved Minnesota? No. 24, with the 19th ranked pro franchise, 28th best collegiate programs and a pretty poor high school circuit (31st).

New Jersey sits number nine with New York camped out at number 16.

Good read.

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