Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When Does a Coach Fall on Deaf Ears?

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When really does a coach fall on deaf ears? When does the same old "rah rah" speech fizzle out? When does veteran become an ugly word?

The Daily News Eagles writer Paul Domowitch writes a captivating piece today discussing the length of a coach's stay with a particular team; the positives, negatives and how Andy Reid must avoid a horrible ending.

Our own John McMullen hinted at Reid's shortcomings and the possibility that a fresh face could be necessary here:

The media truth within the truth is that Domowitch's article is insightful, engaging and full of fact-supported theory. The sad part is no one knows how long the ink will dry before his byline appears again.

It could be tomorrow. Friday. Next week. Month. Year. Never.

The much-publicized rift between the writers guild and the new management at the Daily News and Inquirer could end in a writing shortage (i.e. a strike) if an agreement is not reached by midnight on Thursday. The two sides appear far apart, with management threatening massive job cuts and holding out for deductions in pension plans and the cutting of seniority.

Bad news.

Journalists are many times underappreciated and underpaid (like many jobs in this country). What will the city do for sports news if a strike occurs?

In all seriousness, this is a trying time for the people behind the pens. They have families and car payments. We at The Phanatic hope everything gets worked out. Like all of you, the first place we turn for sports news (after here of course) is

If you are interested in the parameters of the contract agreed to previously between the two sides: There is some interesting information in the contract, including a $9 dollar meal ticket (Super Size it!).

**Photo from today's Philadelphia Daily News**

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