Thursday, November 30, 2006

Giant Bully

By John McMullen

Michael Strahan is a heck of a football player -- just ask Jon Runyan.

He also happens to be a fledgling member of the media with more weekly spots on various outlets than any other player in the NFL. So Strahan should know better than virtually any other athlete -- the more air time you get -- the more likely you are to slip up.

And that’s exactly what happened when Strahan said Plaxico Burress “quit” on a play in the team‘s colossal collapse against the woeful Tennessee Titans in Nashville.

It’s not that Strahan lied. Anyone who has seen Burress play in Pittsburgh or New York knows the immensely talented receiver gets frustrated easily and is apt to take plays off, especially when Eli Manning is throwing one-hoppers early in a game. Jeremy Shockey is the same way.

But Strahan broke the code -- a code most in the NFL cherish more than their own offspring. A code Andy Reid has elevated into a religion -- Never criticize one of your own -- no matter how much they may deserve it.

The All-Pro defensive end quickly realized his faux pas and was itching for a confrontation on Wednesday, a day he normally doesn’t even speak to his colleagues -- the media.

But, instead of standing up like the “man” he claimed to be throughout his tirade, Strahan turned into a “Giant” bully and attacked ESPN’s Kelly Naqi for doing her job.

The intent was clear to all of us who make a living in the way Strahan hopes to when his playing days are done -- He wanted to deflect attention away from his earlier comments.

Well, nice try Mike but it’s not going to work -- And, maybe the Giants shouldn’t want it to.

Just because “The code” exists doesn’t make it right.

Be a man, Mike.

Burress does quit on plays and he deserves to be taken to task for it --don’t apologize for it. In fact, go farther -- the same goes for Shockey.

And while you’re at it, do what so many members of your organization do off the record -- call Manning what he is -- a bust.

You just might save the Giants season.

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Anonymous said...

Strahan is a fruit, he hates women, hence why he attacked the female reporter.