Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The lapdog takes on the flunky

By John McMullen

If you want to learn about sports -- especially on a national level -- I don't recommend listening to the top-rated sports station in this market.

But occasionally you can be drawn in, even if it's for the wrong reasons.

I must admit stumbling upon a discussion between Howard Eskin and Bernard Hopkins last week and being entertained, albeit not for the reason they would have liked.

It was a classic battle of heavyweights -- Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb's lapdog (Eskin) versus Terrell Owens' flunky (Hopkins) -- and neither knew just how obtuse they sounded.

Of course, Eskin has been a fraud for years -- a jock-sniffer and wannabe big shot who wears furs around town and doesn't even realize people are laughing at him -- not with him.

But, you have to give the devil his due. Eskin has accomplished a ton in this business with little talent and a simple plan, by selling out.

Whether it was Ted Williams, Jimmy Johnson or his current man crushes, Reid and McNabb -- Eskin has risen to the top of the Philadelphia sports world by inserting his nose firmly up the posteriors of those who accept his advances.

Ignore him and treat him like any other reporter and you become public enemy No. 1 -- just ask Allen Iverson.

If you were to drop Eskin into any other town he would be lost.

On the other hand, Hopkins is one of the greatest middleweight fighters of all-time and a Philadelphia treasure -- until he opens his mouth.

The rumor goes something like this -- When Hopkins met McNabb, the aloof quarterback treated him poorly. Owens, on the other hand, became quick friends with the former champ.

If that's true -- and I have no problem believing it -- Hopkins has every right to dislike McNabb.
It might even make DMac a jerk but it sure doesn't make his an "Uncle Tom" or a "company man" -- despite Hopkins' irrational ramblings.

It was almost if Sasha Baron Cohen was putting together another Borat movie and convinced a couple of mental midgets to act like idiots for the microphone.

But -- for WIP -- It was a step up.

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Eskin does suck

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Eskin = King of Bling

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Well done Johnny Mac.

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Eskin = idiot

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