Friday, November 17, 2006

That didn't take long

By John McMullen

Chris Webber is embarrassing himself once again.

But this time it’s off the court.

Despite his awkward play -- as expected -- CWebb ignored the good of the team, balked about his reduced role and told the Sacramento Bee that he would like to be traded.

"I'm not going to keep playing like this," Webber told the Bee after he managed just six points in 23 minutes when the Sixers toppled Seattle, 96-90. "I don't like this role. So you can take that however you want."

Webber was weeping about becoming a spectator for the final 15-plus minutes of the win, the third time this season Maurice Cheeks has come to his senses and barred Chris from even looking at the floor in the final period.

Of course, winning is unimportant to CWebb. Keeping up appearances -- his career averages of 21.5 points and 10 rebounds -- is far more essential.

As long as Webber can stay near those numbers, you won’t hear a peep from him. You will see about 15 uncontested layups per game however.

So now it‘s time to look to the guy who brought this pariah into our lives in the first place -- Billy King.

With his salary ($20.7 million this season and $22.3 million in 2007-2008) and declining physical skills, Webber looks untradable but that’s a misnomer is a league held captive by a hard salary cap. Players with one year left on a deal are actually commodities for organizations looking to clear room off the cap for the following summer.

Understand of course, the Sixers would only get flotsam in return for Webber but, at this point, any assorted refuse would look pretty good.

And you thought Allen Iverson was the selfish one...

Must be the tattoos.

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Anonymous said...

The whole NBA is selfish

Anonymous said...

You guys have stepped up your game in recent days after going on hibernation...i'm telling everyone I know about your blog. Awesome stuff from all of you...

Anonymous said...

This blog sucks besides this guys articles.