Thursday, November 16, 2006

A question for our loyal readers:

I just started working at Sportstalk 950 as a producer/update anchor, and would like to get some feedback as to what you would like the station to become.

Do you need more big names beyond the likes of Jody Mac to come aboard?

Do you want it to be less Philly-centric? More?

Do you want more talk on the Phillies, Flyers and Sixers, or should it be all-Eagles, all day?

I believe this station has the ability to succeed, and I want to help it do so. But I need you to let me know what would get you hooked, and I'll pass it along.


Tim McManus


Anonymous said...

Obviously it would have to center on Philly sports but it would be nice to see some hosts who actually have some knowledge that spans beyond the city limits.

Anonymous said...

950 is doomed. There is no way you can compete with 610. Philadelphia fans are just that, Philly fans. The syndicated crap on 950 is horrible, no one cares.

Jody Mac is okay, but look where he was successful before, at WIP.

There is simply no way you can compete with 610.

Anonymous said...

I recently remember reading on that 950 would be shut down in six months to a year anyway with all the money they are bleeding.

Anonymous said...

I think they can succeed because we need an alternative but the syndicated stuff has to go in favor of local programming.

Anonymous said...

950 will never succeed with syndicated programming and while Jody Mac is decent, he can't carry a station and compete with Eskin. Eskin's ratings are through the roof.