Monday, November 20, 2006

Strike Three

By John McMullen

Philadelphia, PA - Let's be honest -- the Philadelphia Phillies were never in play for Alfonso Soriano and I really don't have a problem with that.

Eight years and $136 million for 160 strikeouts, a below average hitter with runners in scoring position and an inability to field competently at any position?

No thanks.

But, these are the Phillies and they got their fans excited about Soriano coming to town even though they had no intention of doing what it would take to bring the overrated Dominican in.


I have a few educated guesses...

Conventional wisdom says the Phils raised ticket prices for the fourth year in a row and needed to create a buzz in the offseason.

Or perhaps, Pat Gillick is playing the role of Doug Moe and just picking up a paycheck while showing up an ownership group that could care less about winning.

Whatever you believe -- the cold hard facts are piling up.

Soriano is in the Second City. Gary Sheffield has taken up residence in the Motown, Moises Alou is destined for the Mets and Carlos Lee is about to land in Houston.

So where does that leave the Phillies?

Out of the playoffs again.

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Anonymous said...

Judging an offseason in November is just downright dumb.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps but he has a point. The Phils never change.

Anonymous said...

What point? The Phils never change what? Every other team in the league would have not paid Soriano the fifth biggest deal in MLB history. I agree with the first poster, you can't fairly judge if a team is going to make the playoffs at this point in the offseason, that is just asinine.

Anonymous said...

The Angels were set to give him seven years at $17 million per...This was P.R. by the Phillies - nothing more.

Anonymous said...

How is telling your fans your just interested in a player a PR move. You aren't going to sell any tickets because you tell your fans you are going to try to sign someone.

Anonymous said...

No one said it was a smart PR move

Anonymous said...

Great blog...

The Phillies are uninterested in competing for players that THEY target.

I don't think Soriano is worth the money he got. I also don't think he is worth $15 mil a year but I knew darn well he would get at least that.

For all you Phillies apologists -- Just what did they think Soriano was worth on the open market?

Are you all saying the front office didn't have a clue of what he would get?

Becasue if that's your excuse you are insulting Gillick and Co. without even knowing it.