Monday, November 27, 2006

Phils to Sign Eaton

The Phanatic

According to an MLB source, the Philadelphia Phillies will sign right-handed pitcher Adam Eaton to a three-year, $24 million contract with an option that could run the deal to $33 million over four seasons.

The Phanatic's take:

Tim McManus: It's going to be hard for Phillies fans not to look at Eaton as a consolation prize after losing out on more desirable names such as Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Lee. Don't disregard this signing completely, though. The Phils made sure that they didn't fall off too much with the departure of Randy Wolf, and may have even upgraded slightly. This may be the most complete pitching staff in the National League, and they didn't have to spend a ton to get it.

The pressing concern now is the back end of the bullpen. As well as Tom Gordon pitched for most of last year, the Phils can't rely on his tiring arm for another full season. With some extra cash still floating around, Pat Gillick has the needed flexibility to address a few more concerns. Well done.

Jared Trexler: Gillick jumped at an arm quickly before the market priced him out again. It's tough to judge the economics of this deal before other similar hurlers (Tomo Okha, Miguel Batista, Jeff Suppan) sign, but three years is suitable and the money spent is not overwhelming. Eaton has high middle of the rotation stuff, but health has always been a concern. The Phillies' former first-round draft pick has never pitched 200 innings in a season, making the signing of an in-between guy like Batista all the more valuable. If Gillick plans on trading Burrell (not my recommendation, but it seems likely) and not trading for a slugger to replace him (which also seems likely with the dearth of farm talent to trade) then loading up on pitching, pitching and more pitching is a must. Eight different Phillies started games last season, and unless Gillick wants the Ryan Madson's and Gavin Floyd's and Eudo Brito's toeing the rubber in games, then adding more depth to the rotation should be priority number 1. The grade on this acquisition is incomplete until the market dictates, but Eaton's signing should be a beginning not an end.


Anonymous said...

That is a nice deal in this market.

Anonymous said...

This deal is a low risk, high reward signing. It is solid, it looks even better if bullpen help is addressed.