Monday, January 31, 2011

FBI jons search for missing Stanley Cup puck

Courtesy of Comcast SportsNet

Puckgate has now moved into the theatre of the absurd.

The FBI wants to know what happened to the puck from Patrick Kane’s game-winning goal in Game 6 of last year’s Stanley Cup Final in Philadelphia.

Ross Rice, a spokesman for the FBI, told the Chicago Tribune that forensic specialists from the bureau have volunteered their time to help track down the missing jewel.

Flyers president Peter Luukko told "Nobody has called us."

Chris Pronger, who took the puck in Game 2, would figure to be a prime suspect, but says he didn’t take the puck from Game 6, which ended in overtime.

“The people who are doing this are doing it on their own time,” Rice told the paper. “They feel they are a part of history.”

A Chicago restaurateur has already offered $50,000 for the missing puck. Recently, when the Flyers were in Chicago, Pronger was questioned by Chicago reporters about the missing puck’s whereabouts after the Flyers’ 4-1 victory.

Pronger joked that since he wasn’t on the ice for the game-winning goal, he didn’t take it. The FBI has tapes from NBC showing the puck lodged into the net, then an official walking in front of the camera shot.

The FBI told the paper that from the footage they have, they were able to determine that a puck reportedly given to them as the authentic Game 6 puck isn’t the one that was in the back of the net.

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