Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Donovan McNabb conference call transcript

How do you feel about returning to Philly?
“Still feel the same. I think people are probably looking at it a little deeper right now than anything. You’ve got to remember it’s just Wednesday, so as far as me kind of expressing how my emotions may be, it’s kind of hard at this point, something I can answer probably after the game, but right now, just approaching it like any other game, watching some film, watching some keys that can possibly help us out in the game come Sunday.”

How do you think you’ll be received?
“You kind of have an idea. Obviously no one ever thinks they’ll be in that situation. We’ll see.”

Boos or cheers?
“Hoping, you know what, maybe some cheers. But in reality, you’ve got to remember that this is a big rival and one that obviously we see each other twice a year, so there’ll be some realization there … that I’m with the Redskins, so I’m sure they won’t be happy about that aspect.”

More on boos or cheers:
“I’m not one to try to explain how I need to be received. Again, my focus is what I need to do around here to get this team back on track. I’m truly not focused on that aspect of it or coming up with an answer to that question. That will be something for the fans to react to or adjust to.”

How tough has adjustment to Redskins been?
“I don’t think it’s been that challenging. Obviously, it’s a different scenery and concepts and things of that nature as far as the mental aspect is concerned and what follows with that is getting the timing and chemistry. We’ve shown signs of making some great plays and big-time plays and we just have to be more consistent, and that’s going to come with time. We’ve done some good things around here, we just have to take advantage of the opportunities that are there.”

What do you see in Eagles’ defense?
“I’m seeing a team that’s getting a comfort level in Sean McDermott’s concepts. Obviously, being under Jim for so long, a lot of the guys kind of got comfortable in what he was expecting from him, knowing his strategy and his mind set in certain situations, and they’re getting comfortable in what Sean is doing. Sean is kind of you know put some guys in certain situations where they don’t have to think, they just have to react and play and that’s been better for those guys on that side of the ball."

What will it be like walking out the tunnel at the Linc?
“That’s nothing that I would kind of think about. Hopefully, I walk out the right tunnel. I’ve been walking out of one tunnel for 11 years, so I’m sure I’ll get some help with that. But once I come out of the tunnel, it’s just focusing on my job and what needs to be done."

On Michael Vick:
“I was just happy that Andy and the organization gave him an opportunity to showcase his talents. And being under a guy like Andy, being under a guy like Marty, I got a chance to spend some time with him for a year, and then working with Kevin, I’m really happy for the both of them , the opportunity that both have received and it’s unfortunate what happened with Kevin, but I’m sure he’s going to bounce back strong and be ready to go at any time."

On Kevin Kolb:
“It’s a tough situation. When a guy gets hurt, you would expect him to get an opportunity to step back in, but concussions are things you can’t really play with. It’s one that’s been a topic of conversation all year and all offseason. I’m sure they were really second guessing the move of trying to put him back out there, but in due time Kevin will be fine."

On Andy Reid:
“We’re good friends. He stuck his neck out and drafted me in ’99, we had a lot of success together, obviously we’ve been through some ups and downs together. You know, things happen. It’s unfortunate,. Was I upset at the time? Absolutely. But I’ve moved on, I’ve learned to move on and focus on the job at hand."

On contract expires after this year:
“I want to stay here with the Washington Redskins.”

When did you get over the trade?
"Well, I was here the next morning after the trade to work out with the guys and spend time with them. I’ve moved on from it."

On Vick:
“I’ve seen a different type of player. Not just a player but a different type of person. A guy who’s truly determined now, he’s accepting of his role and what’s been asked of him, I think a guy who understands that there’s not too many more chances left and he took full advantage of that and went in through the offseason with the mind set of getting better, getting himself back and ready to go, and you’re seeing obviously a guy who’s out there obviously making big plays for his team."

On differences between Eagles’ offense and Redskins’ offense
“They’re very different.”

Can you explain some of the things that are different?
“It’s a lot of different things. One that would take a lot of time to explain. So I’d rather not.”

In GQ piece, you said you took some bullets. Can you expand on that?
“I’d rather just leave that. That was something that was done a long, long time ago, and I’ve moved on from it and I’d rather not comment on it.”

How do you look back at your years in Philly?
“I look back on the positive things. I’ve always tried to stay positive. In 11 years, we had a lot of positive things happen, from great seasons to winning seasons to obviously NFC championships and Super Bowl appearances, big games – just the list goes on. It’s been a lot of positive things that’s been happened.”

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