Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Maybe he is innocent?

By John Gottlieb
The Phanatic Magazine

I was sitting back thinking about what I could ramble on and on about this week, and I came up with a number of good topics, including the surging Yankees, who are going to make the playoffs, two unsigned first-round draft picks, which are setting back both organizations, the fact that if the feds had as much junk on the new home run king as they do in the case their building against Michael Vick then he would've been indicted long ago, or the loss of Hall of Famer Phil Rizzuto. But instead I'll focus on one of my favorite whipping boys...that's right TNA's newest star attraction, Pacman Jones.

Is this guy represented by lawyers or by Chuck E. Cheese? Who in their right mind would let a man indicted with two counts of coercion, which resulted in one man becoming a paralyzed to go and do not one but two interviews?

As if his representation shouldn't have been fired for the Cold Pizza appearance earlier in the week, in which he proclaimed that he is looking forward to getting back on the football field after Week 10. More >>

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