Sunday, September 14, 2008

T.O. Just Can't Let Go

By Steve Lienert
The Phanatic Magazine

Terrell Owens still wants to be in Philadelphia.

His recent comments betray him. He's like a bride left at the altar – he knows it was the other person's decision to break up but he wants to make seem like it was his choice.

In his conference call with Philadelphia reporters two days ago, Owens took the opportunity to plead his case one more time.

Many people that listened to or read his comments feel like Owens was taking another shot at McNabb and the Eagles. I heard something different.

"I think the fans and just the excitement of me coming there and being there, it became too overwhelming for Donovan,” Owens said. “Other than that, I think at one point in time I will say that we had a good relationship. I think I got too big for Philly, too big for him.”

When Owens came to Philadelphia, he was lauded as a savior, someone that would put the Eagles over the top. And the fan base reacted accordingly – 2004 was an awesome ride.

The “T.O.” chants rained down from the upper deck at the Linc and Owens bathed in them. He was adored. In Dallas, he's just an aging piece to the puzzle, not the main man in the prime of his career.

Owens has never been loved in Dallas as much as he was while he was in Philly. And Owens clearly misses it.

We all watched Owens blabber over Tony Romo after last year's playoff loss to the Giants. And Owens always goes out of his way to talk about what a great relationship he and Romo have.

But a reporter (I don't remember who, but he's pretty good) recently asked Owens what his relationship with Donovan was like when he first got to Philly. Owens responded by saying that they held get-togethers at one of their houses every Monday night and either McNabb or Owens would tend bar while the other cracked jokes.

The reporter then asked Owens if he does those things with Romo. Owens responded by saying he hasn't seen Romo out and about and that's probably because of Jessica Simpson.

Yeah, Owens and Romo sound super tight.

“I just feel like in a sense that he felt like I was just probably getting too much attention,” Owens said.

This is from a guy that did sit-ups on his lawn while TV crews filmed and helicopters flew overhead. Gimme a break. Owens had a statue of himself in his foyer.

McNabb, on the other hand, was booed the first moment he became an Eagle and all he's done is give us 10 years of his life.

Owens was in Philly for a year and a half and the half part was a disaster.

Owens went on to say that what happened in Philly wasn't his fault and that the 2008 Cowboys are way better than the 2004 Eagles ever were.

Really? Doesn't that sound like the jilted lover again, only this time with fiance No. 2? “Jerry's so much better than Jeff ever was for me. I mean, Jerry gives me anything I want just to keep me happy. Jeff never held me in that regard and that's why I kicked him to the curb.”

(By the way, Jerry is Jerry Jones and Jeff is Jeffrey Lurie. Read it again. That makes it funnier.)

Owens again sounds like a bride left at the alter wondering where it all went wrong.

Oh, yes, about that whole current Cowboys better than old Eagles thing. The 2004 Eagles won two playoff games to reach the Super Bowl that year, both of which were played without Owens.

In his two playoff games with the Cowboys, Owens is 0-2. Counting Super Bowl XXXIX, Owens is 0-3. Owens sounds like someone trying to talk themselves into believing what they're saying even though they know it just isn't true.

The Eagles and McNabb have clearly moved on. Owens, on the other hand, seems scarred for life.

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