Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Brown spouts off on Rosenhaus

"If you know (Rosenhaus') track record, it's more of a disappointment to me that he enticed the guy (Lito Sheppard) into signing with him," Brown told "Thinking that he could get the deal done. Agents don't get the deals done. The player gets the deal done. That's what's disappointing.

"I wouldn't say it bothered me, because I'm bigger than that, I'm a professional ... Drew hasn't been with Sheldon Brown for 7 years; I think he's been with Lito for 2 months. He hasn't followed by career. He hasn't broke down any film; he probably couldn't tell you what number (Brown wears). It's really irrelevant ... (from watching the video) you would think the guy has been scouting tape and know(ing) the statistics and following us our whole career.

"A lot of times, people should just worry about their (own) jobs."

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