Monday, September 15, 2008

The Steve Lienert Show

Episode 21 of The Steve Lienert Show is now available for the public's listening
pleasure at As the
Pickleman and Lienert mention on the show, there are five different ways to
download it, so if you ain't listenin', you just ain't tryin'.

As the second
game of the Phillies' Sunday night doubleheader against the Milwaukee Brewers
airs in the background, Lienert begs forgiveness after he admits to giving up on
the Phils, Pickleman rips Lienert for bad NFL picks and they both rip Slovakia's
women's ice-hockey team for beating Bulgaria 82-0. In ice hockey.

By the way,
they attempt to delve into the Eagles' Monday Night Showdown in Big D but get
sidetracked by an unexpected Pat Burrell home run. On a side note, Lienert
explains how he stumbled into an exclusive interview with Lito Sheppard on Dave Spadaro even compliments Lienert on a job well
done. Go figure.

It's 20 minutes of your life you'll never get back. For the
love of God, please spend it listening to The Steve Lienert Show!

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